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Here are the top ten articles for the Insurance Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. 10 Things to Know About Buying Auto Insurance
This article uncovers 10 critical things you, as a consumer, should know about buying auto insurance.

2. Fraud Trends
An overview of fraud trends and the seriousness and impact of fraud on consumers and businesses.

3. Winter Basics
After several months of beautiful spring and summer weather, once the snow starts to fly, it seems like we all forget exactly how to drive according to the winter weather conditions. This article addresses some winter basics for driving.

4. The Policies You Need!
You can find an insurance policy to cover almost anything imaginable but only a handful of policies are actually ones that you need to have. Read this article to discover which policies you need.

5. Details to Review About Your Insurance Policy
Denise M. Castille, policy review and summary, in-home care, long term care, insurance, property and casualty, waiver of premium, disability insurance, health insurance, review

6. Reviewing Your Insurance Policy
It is important to review an insurance policy on a periodic basis; especially a policy that you may not have looked at for quite some time. This article will outline specific areas to pay close attention to during your review.

7. Why Seniors are Targeted by Fraudsters
Fraudsters seem to target senior citizens. This article will address why seniors are targeted and some steps to take to ensure seniors are not victims of insurance and health scams.

8. More Fraud Basics
Insurance fraud is a national problem affecting every business, household, and consumer, and it is an increasingly expensive burden on our national economy. This article addresses who commits insurance fraud and who pays for insurance fraud.

9. Rest in Peace
Today, an increasing number of people are prearranging their own funerals and making plans for their final arrangements. This article will uncover insurance options for prearranging a funeral.

10. Alternatives to Lapsed Auto Policies
As the economy continues to decline consumers may be tempted to go without car insurance. Going without car insurance is breaking the law. Read about alternatives to going without car insurance.

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